Civil Litigation

The attorneys at Andrew Szocka, P.C. can help you navigate through the complexities of civil litigation.

What We Do

If you find yourself or your business in a situation that requires litigation over business, real estate, or other civil matters, the attorneys at Andrew Szocka, P.C. can help.

The attorneys at Andrew Szocka, P.C. have over 20 of years in experience handling and litigating business, construction and real estate matters.

Our attorneys spend a great deal of their time litigating in courts all across the Chicagoland area.

We have litigated a broad range of real estate matters. We litigate an expansive range of civil matters, including:

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    Quiet Title Actions
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    Mechanics Liens
  • real estate law contract icon
    Real Estate Contract Disputes
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    Construction / Contractor Disputes
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    Debt Collection
  • civil litigation contract law icon
    Contract Disputes
  • business real estate law icon
    Property Disputes

We strive to resolve any litigation in a quick and cost-effective manner, while protecting the interest of our client.